Colbury Centenary Competition

Colbury Centenary



NSRA rules apply unless otherwise stated.

NSRA authorised BM1989 Series targets are to be used.

The competition will consist of two rounds of four cards each.

The cards in a round may be shot on different days.

The 1st round cards may be shot from receipt of the stickers to 31 July 2011.

The 2nd round cards may be shot from receipt of the stickers to 31 October 2011.

Shot cards are not to be locally marked, but to be returned to Colbury within seven days of the end of the round.

All ties will be decided by the use of graduated gauges.

Appeals must be lodged in writing within 10 days of despatch of the results for the round.

There will be five classes – the exact ranges will be determined upon receipt of entries and declared when Round 1 stickers are sent out.

Averages submitted are to be obtained from the best 5 of the last 6 short-range targets shot under proper witness. If no average is submitted, the shooter will be entered in Class A.

Colbury reserves the right to amend an entrant’s classification if their Round 1 scores vary widely with their submitted average.

The top 20 shooters in each class will progress to Round 2.

Prizes for each class:-

Winner                                         “Gold” Medal and 500 rounds Eley Match

Second placed shooter                   “Silver” medal

Third placed shooter                     “Bronze” medal

Top 10%  per Class                         Colbury Centenary Badge

Every entrant                                Colbury Centenary Brooch(a smaller version of the  .                                                                                          “Gold” medal).

Colbury Centenary badges will also be available upon request.

Entry fee:      £5.00


Closing date for entries : 31 May 2011


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2 Responses to Colbury Centenary Competition

  1. Steve Lloyd says:

    Hi, just came on the site to email you that I’ve sent in a couple of entries for your centenary comp (went in the post an hour ago) which ‘closes’ on 30th April, but just seen above it’s been extended to the end of May! Will there be any chance of stickers arriving by end of May? Problem is that I work at sea and am away 15th June to end July. I had intended shooting in May when I applied this morning.

    • colrpc says:


      Thanks for your support. Will send stickers as requested.
      Good shooting,

      Corinne Spiers – Sec.

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